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Updated 9 May 2014

With B at Home: Emma Moves Again Valérie Besanceney has done much more than simply write another book on Third Culture Kids (TCKs). She has found how to reach younger children in a story that speaks directly to them. 

Book review: B at HomeNarrated from two points of view (Emma and her bear B) B at Home tells the universal story of TCKs: moving again. Ten-year-old Emma struggles with leaving her friends and home, torn between fear and excitement of the unfamiliar. 

B, on the other hand, sees the adventure and opportunity for change; he sees the skills Emma is picking up and how much she will benefit from this move.

Young TCKs will find solace in knowing they are not alone in how they feel. B at Home helps teach them important lessons through a story similar to their own. Seeing Emma slowly come to terms with the move and embrace the positive aspects may help TCKs process their own emotions. B’s wise thoughts will also help them see the good that comes from the TCK lifestyle.

Besanceney’s book is more than a children’s tale: parents will also gain a lot from Emma’s viewpoint, as it can help them understand what their children are going through. Further discussion questions are included at the end of the book to facilitate conversations about moving between parents and their children. Besanceney also provides many ideas for making leaving easier throughout the story, as well as the ‘Moving Booklet’ for teachers.

Although B at Home is written as fiction, the experiences and emotions are very real. Only a TCK could express Emma’s thoughts so poignantly; and only an adult TCK could have B’s particular viewpoint of everything there is to gain from such a lifestyle. 

Besanceney has experienced firsthand what she is writing about – as a TCK, a parent and a teacher. That is why her book will appeal to such a wide audience. B at Home is a must-read for TCKs of all ages, parents and teachers.