One of Europe's prettiest capitals, Geneva is sprawled around the southern tip of the impossibly picturesque Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). The Alps and Jura Mountains guard the Geneva's rear, and the city boasts staggering views of famous Mont Blanc.

As one of the European headquarters of the United Nations, the World Health Organization and several multinational corporations, Geneva's identity is diverse and complex. The official language is French, but expats are just as likely to hear its multilingual population speaking English, Spanish or German.

Expats are lured to Geneva by the promise of high salaries – usually in the finance industry – but residents enjoy a good work-life balance and have ample opportunity to find respite from the working week to enjoy the great lifestyle that the city offers.

Public parks cover a quarter of the city and dozens of museums stand as monuments to the past, with striking views of the Alps painting the horizon. The weekends are for hiking (in summer) or skiing (during winter), or just exploring the city's epic restaurant scene.

However, competition for its limited housing supply is high and finding somewhere to live can be challenging. People looking for larger family homes often opt to live across the border in neighbouring France. The standard of accommodation in Geneva is nonetheless excellent and in line with European standards, although space can be limited.

Getting around in Geneva is easy and there is little need to purchase a car. Public transport networks in the city are extensive and consist of buses, trams and boats. The city is also well-equipped for cycling, which is a fast and affordable way to get around. 

Expats can rest assured that they will have access to excellent healthcare. Medical staff are well trained and generally speak English as well as French. However, it is important to remember that it is compulsory to have health insurance in Switzerland. 

Geneva has a well-established network of international schools, but competition for places is fierce because of the large expat community, and parents need to act fast to secure a spot for their children.

Another advantage is the city's location. Other European countries are in easy reach, making it a fantastic destination from which to explore the continent.

While expats may take some time to adapt, the benefits of living in Geneva are difficult to ignore.