Moving to Melbourne

Expats moving to Melbourne will find themselves in one of Australia's most multicultural and cosmopolitan centres. Waves of immigration have led to the establishment of enclaves for the Italian, Greek and Vietnamese communities. Each has its own unique character, rich with distinctive customs, festivities, foods and art.

Expats moving to Melbourne enjoy a fantastic lifestyle and will find that their new home has repeatedly been voted as one of the world’s most liveable cities. There are three main pastimes which stir Melbourne’s inhabitants to great animation: sport, fashion and festivals.

That said, expat life in Melbourne may be hindered by a steep rise in cost of living. The once sleepy southern port city is now ranked in the top 100 most expensive cities in the world, and foreigners will need to keep this in mind when negotiating job contracts.

The good news is that for upcoming professionals the city is young at heart. Melbourne is also a good-looking city with beautiful historical buildings, cobbled European-style lanes and equally eye-catching public parks and gardens.

Like any urban hub attracting those well below middle age, Melbourne thrives on the luxuries of the good life such as a vibrant café culture and hip nightlife; a huge selection of shopping malls and eateries; as well as art galleries and specialty stores.

Melbourne rests a few miles inland from Port Phillip Bay, with the main part of the city on the northern bank of the Yarra River. The city is laid out in a large rectangle with a tidy grid of streets. Melbourne's expats generally prefer the leafier outlying suburbs with their quiet streets and proximity to schools.