Located in the Puget Sound region in the state of Washington, Seattle is a picturesque city surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and lush forests. With a lively arts scene and rich history, it makes for an interesting and culturally rich expat destination.

Expats moving to Seattle will find that they are able to strike a healthy balance between work, relaxation, entertainment and family with ease. The city offers plenty of schooling options, state-of-the-art healthcare and a safe environment.

Downtown Seattle is the city’s economic and social hub and the primary industries that make up the city’s economy are internet and technology, service, design and industrial companies. The Port of Seattle is a major trade hub with links to Asia and Alaska.

Young professionals are drawn to the Downtown area as it provides a vibrant, fast-paced lifestyle and is in close proximity to most office buildings. A variety of housing options are available, from slick apartments to quirky loft conversions, and there is something to suit any budget.

Seattle is known for its music industry and had a very active jazz scene in the first half of the 20th century. Artists such as Ray Charles and Quincy Jones started their careers in Seattle. Decades later, the city was the birthplace of the “grunge” genre of music with Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam all being Seattle exports.

Most expats living in Seattle will find that a car is not a necessity, as buses, trolley-buses, light rail and commuter trains are at their disposal when it comes to getting around the city, not to mention the excellent ferry system (the largest in the USA). It's also not uncommon to opt to cycle or walk to work.

All in all, Seattle is a beautiful place to live and is constantly growing in its innovation and culture. Expats moving to Seattle will find themselves in one of the most desirable places to live in the USA.