Moving to Kenya

Initially, the thought of moving to Kenya may only conjure images of magical landscapes and rare wildlife for the uninformed expat. However, those that do come to settle in the country will find themselves in one of the most developed of African nations.

Kenya is generally a politically stable country with manageable infrastructure and facilities. The Kenyan capital of Nairobi is now considered the hub for business and development in eastern Africa.

Expats working in Kenya tend to be either highly-paid managers of multinational companies or development and NGO employees and volunteers. Strong levels of local employee protectionism can often make the job search difficult, even for skilled and highly qualified foreigners. 

Expat life can be insulated from Kenyan society, as the fear of crime, particularly in large cities, sometimes cloisters foreigners behind the gates of housing compounds and locked car doors. Those who emerge from behind this curtain of fear can really enjoy the different cultures of Kenya, all of which are famously welcoming and cheerful.

Nonetheless, those moving to Kenya may not find the expat experience as comfortable as in more developed nations, and longing for everyday conveniences and the familiar efficiency of home is a common topic of discussion among foreigners.

On the other side of the coin, others find that the luxuries Kenya has to offer, such as large houses and high expat salaries, make for a higher quality of life than they'd have back home. Overall, whether life in Kenya turns out to be an unwelcome posting or a grand opportunity, all expats will certainly have a truly unique experience.