Moving to Australia

If there is an ideal expat location, Australia would certainly be a competitive choice for the title. In fact, it consistently ranks amongst one of the safest and happiest countries for expats to live in. Expats moving to Australia can expect a lifestyle driven by outdoor pursuits featuring elements of multiculturalism, especially when it comes to cuisine and traditions.

The fundamentals of family and friends are important to Australians, and the nation’s strong spirit of egalitarianism has drawn a steady stream of immigrants from the UK, Europe and Asia to its ideal climate and naturally beautiful environment. 

Australia is divided into six states: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. The country is made up of two territories: the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. Popular Australian expat cities include SydneyMelbournePerthBrisbane and Adelaide.

Australia has long been a destination of choice for students and young professionals from all over the world who move to the country to spend a few months taking up employment on a working holiday visa. It is also popular with expat families looking for a better environment to bring up children, as well as pensioners who move to Australia to spend their retirement years in the sun.

The government places a high premium on skills and enforces equally stringent measures to keep Australian immigration levels under control. So while Australia is a popular destination for expats, a strict screening process picks out those professionals with the skills desired to keep the economy in good health.

A large number of expats who move to Australia do so with their children. The country is an excellent place to raise a family as properties are often large, there is more scope for children to spend recreational time outdoors and there is a good range of schooling options. Furthermore, expats living in Australia will also have access to exceptional healthcare facilities in both the public and private systems.

The diverse, striking scenery and rugged beauty of the vast landscape, the easygoing nature of the local people, and the sense that a new beginning is available to anyone with the skills and energy to make it happen are what make Australia an incredibly attractive expat destination.