Those moving to Denver will find that the capital of Colorado is energetic, dynamic and welcoming to new arrivals. Known as 'the Mile High City', Denver offers residents not only panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains but also a pleasant climate with moderate temperatures and abundant sunshine all year round.

Living in Denver as an expat

Job opportunities are plentiful and varied in Denver, and the city has a thriving business climate. There is a wide range of industries that play a prominent role in Denver's economy, including aerospace, mining, IT, healthcare and financial services. New arrivals taking up employment in Denver will find that companies in the city are willing to invest in their workforce, and there are excellent opportunities for further education and training.

Denver is an incredibly diverse city, from the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the downtown area to tight-knit suburban communities. There's a neighbourhood to suit every type of newcomer. Accommodation can be a challenge to find and may be on the pricey side, but those who have done their research can usually find a home that suits their budget and hopefully their lifestyle. 

New arrivals in Denver won't need to worry when it comes to healthcare, as the city is home to some of the country's finest hospitals and medical research facilities. That said, getting around in Denver may be an issue for new arrivals without a car. Transport options are limited but efficient, and the road network is extensive and well-maintained. 

Cost of living in Denver

The cost of living in Denver is above the national average, but it's far lower than that of other major US cities, such as New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. Accommodation in Denver is expensive due to high demand, but other everyday expenses are reasonable, including groceries, utilities and transport. 

Families and children in Denver

Denver is a family-friendly city. Not only will children in Denver have plenty of opportunity to spend time outdoors with their families in the city's parks and the surrounding mountains, but they will also benefit from access to the city's good schools. Parents will find that there are plenty of education options open to their children, including public, charter, magnet, private and international schools.

Climate in Denver

Denver has a semi-arid climate, with hot, dry summers and cold, snowy winters. Although the daytime temperatures are warm for most of the year, they plummet at night. While this generally doesn't last long, spring brings the wet weather. Denver's residents enjoy up to 300 days of sunshine each year, plenty of time to take in the city's range of outdoor spaces and activities. 

There are many reasons to move to Denver, but its major drawcard is its lifestyle. Denver has one of America's healthiest and most active communities. The city and its surroundings offer residents the opportunity to enjoy stunning hiking and mountain biking trails, snow skiing in winter and endless attractions in the city itself, such as the many parks, museums and art galleries. New arrivals in Denver will find no shortage of activities and events to keep them entertained.