Located in central Germany on the River Main, Frankfurt boasts not only beautiful vistas and wonderful architecture, but is also a global financial powerhouse. The city is a major draw for expats from around the world who are attracted to the buzzing, confident and international character of the city. Frankfurt manages to combine effortlessly its role as a leading modern business centre with a charming cultural character.

Beside being a major economic hub in not only Germany but Europe, the city also an important industrial metropolis and a key transport centre.

While working opportunities predominantly entice expats to the area, Frankfurt is nonetheless beautiful and enchanting, brimming with history and culture, and expats living in Frankfurt enjoy a wonderful lifestyle. There are superb opportunities for shopping, and myriad sightseeing attractions such as museums, historic spots and world-class opera and theatre to enjoy.

Getting around in Frankfurt is easy with the city's excellent rail connections, river transport and the Autobahn system. The city is home to the third busiest airport in Europe and is the natural hub for anyone wanting to explore the surrounding towns or the German countryside.

Accommodation in Frankfurt can be expensive and contributes to the fairly steep cost of living, but salaries are generally raised in order to afford residents a decent standard of living. While there are many different types of property available in the city, demand for affordable housing in Frankfurt is high and expats need act quickly to secure a home.

Expat parents moving to Frankfurt with children will have a number of different schooling options. However, while public and private schools in Germany offer an excellent standard of teaching, most expats prefer to have their children educated at one of the many international schools in Frankfurt.

Negatives are few and far between, but it's important to weigh up the pros and cons before relocating. Certainly one of the cons is Frankfurt's relatively high cost of living, especially in comparison to other areas like Berlin

But, ultimately, the advantages of living and working in this cosmopolitan city far outweigh any negatives, and continue to entice expats. Crime is virtually non-existent and the unemployment rate is relatively low. With its eminently central location, business trips to surrounding cities in Europe are made easy, explaining why Frankfurt is so favoured by the expat community.