From the rolling hills of the winelands to the pulsing energy of the city centre, Adelaide has much to offer expats – particularly those looking for an Australian city slightly off the beaten path.

While Adelaide has historically held a stigma as being far removed from the rest of Australia, many expats find it to be the perfect antidote for the stress that so often plagues big-city dwellers. Beyond Adelaide's natural beauty, the city's uncluttered urban geography adds a sense of space and luxury. Large parklands, wide streets and classic suburban housing styles make for a refreshing and wholesome way of life that expats tend to enjoy.

On the economic side of things, Adelaide has billions of dollars of projects in the pipeline, many of them in the mining and defence industries. Expats looking for work in the city would do well to approach firms related to these sectors, as well as those in the healthcare-, retail- and social assistance sectors – disciplines that employ the largest workforce in the city. 

Salaries in Adelaide are generally less than those in the other areas of Australia, but this is balanced by an overall lower cost of living. The city has some of the most affordable housing prices of any of the mainland Australian capitals, and expats will have a range of accommodation types to choose from. The city centre of Adelaide is generally the priciest area, but expats will be glad to find that there are plenty of cheaper surrounding suburbs to choose from, many of which are only a 10- to 20-minute drive away from the CBD.

The lifestyle in Adelaide is enviable, with wine farms close enough for a quick visit or a weekend away. This, combined with the favourable weather in the region, makes Adelaide an enjoyable place to live. For those looking for a respite from frenetic city living, Adelaide is well worth considering, the city's relaxed lifestyle the perfect balm for strung out expats from big cities.