Moving to Perth

Expats moving to Perth will soon discover the many charms of Australia’s fourth largest and fastest growing city. Perth is the capital of Western Australia, which is by some margin the largest state in Australia. The southern and western border is formed by miles and miles of endless, faultless coastline, and the eastern border is the gateway to the Outback.

There are over 2 million people living in Perth, about a third of which were born outside Australia. The largest proportion of expats living in Perth are from Britain but the city is also a popular destination amongst expats from New Zealand, South Africa, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and India. With such a diverse population, new arrivals should have no problems meeting fellow expats and settling down.

Although the aftermath of the mining boom has made the job market in Perth somewhat less attractive than it has been in the past, there are still opportunities for those in the city's developing sectors, such as healthcare, tourism and construction. 

Many youngsters move to Perth as it is ultimately a young, outdoor-oriented city. Perth is also known for its down-to-earth, sports-orientated culture, which is perfect for families and lovers of the sun-bleached beaches.

Overall, expats will find that Perth has a lot to offer. Its sunny weather, excellent quality of life and beautiful seaside environment are just a few of the reasons that it is such an attractive expat destination.