The city motto of Dallas is 'big things happen here' – and as the city often finds itself in the top ten most populated cities in the USA, Dallas truly lives up to the Texan stereotype of bigger is better. While the topography of Dallas is fairly flat throughout, the atmosphere is alive and vibrant. Though Dallas is firmly inland, its plentiful lakes and creeks make up for the lack of a coastline.

Living in Dallas as an expat

There has been a cultural renaissance of sorts in Dallas in recent years, resulting in the development of the Arts District. Expats in Dallas will be able to enjoy a fantastic lifestyle, with numerous museums throughout the city as well as great restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.

That said, Dallas isn't a typical Texan city. It's less laid-back than other cities in the state and takes a more serious approach to work. That isn't to say the city is unfriendly, but new arrivals will experience something in between warm Southern hospitality and a steely business mentality.

Cost of living in Dallas

One of the major benefits of living in Dallas is its overall lower cost of living compared to other major US cities. In most aspects, big city life can be enjoyed in Dallas without the big city price to go along with it.

The cost of housing in Dallas is rising, as is the case around the country, but remains reasonably priced. Transplants from pricier cities like San Francisco often marvel at how much more space they can afford to have in Dallas, compared to the very small and expensive accommodation back home

Expat families and children

Another drawcard for people relocating to Dallas is its abundance of beautiful family-friendly neighbourhoods with good schools and historic houses. Those who move to the city's suburbs can expect leafy green avenues, spacious parks and interesting architecture.

Most people living in Dallas use a car as their primary means of transport, but public transport is available and there are buses, light rail and trams to help commuters get around. Dallas also has a network of bike paths and wide sidewalks for outdoorsy types who enjoy their daily exercise.

Climate in Dallas

Dallas is a great place for those who like warm, dry weather and lots of sunshine. The good weather in the city allows for outdoor sports to be played year round and new arrivals will soon notice the locals' enthusiastic support of their city’s football team, the Dallas Cowboys. Green spaces abound, so there's no shortage of places to picnic, cycle, or go for a run.