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Updated 25 Mar 2013

101 Reasons to Live Abroad and 100 Reasons Not To is, as the title suggests, an examination of the pros and cons of moving overseas. Should you stay or should you go? Moving abroad is not a decision that should be taken lightly, and the author, Chris Alden, provides a comprehensive overview of factors that those considering a move to another country should think about. 

101 Reasons to Live Abroad and 100 Reasons Not to

From your work and career to family and social life, and cultural adjustments to managing your finances, many factors of everyday life often get overlooked in the excitement of better prospects, better weather and a potentially carefree existence in a new country.

As a former British expat who lived in Cyprus for three years, the author writes from his own experiences. As someone who has been through the process, he is able to offer meaningful insights into what is really involved when moving to a new country and the positive and negative aspects to be considered when leaving everything that you know and settling abroad. As Alden states, “Sometimes it’s the little things that matter, sometimes the big things; and while you can never predict the future, it would have been nice to have more of a sense of what to expect.”

This book provides just that: a practical guide to what to expect about life in a foreign country. The author gives an objective overview and spells it out in an easy-to-read formula. Each section is divided into 10 areas of overseas life and within each section, it offers 10 reasons why you might want to move abroad and then 10 reasons why you might not.

Although very much focused toward the British expat, with many examples throughout comparing overseas life with living in the UK, the audience should not be limited by this and 101 Reasons to Live Abroad and 100 Reasons Not To is a highly recommended resource for anyone, regardless of their nationality, contemplating expat life abroad.