Those intending to work in Glasgow will discover that the city has a thriving economy with a competitive job market. Expats on the hunt for employment should be prepared to go through a rigorous hiring process for any job opportunity.

In the past, the city's economy relied heavily on manufacturing, particularly the shipbuilding industry. Today, Glasgow's economy has successfully diversified, with services, communications, healthcare, higher education and creative industries among its strong sectors.

Job market in Glasgow

Common sources of employment in the services sector include retail and secretarial staff, as well as more senior professional and managerial positions. The financial industry also has a large presence in Glasgow and employs a high percentage of the working population, but it is very difficult to gain a position without previous experience.

The outlying areas of the city support a large industrial sector with skilled workers being in demand on a regular basis. Other thriving industries include engineering, education and life sciences.

Finding a job in Glasgow

For expats arriving with no employment secured, the best source for job leads continues to be networking and word of mouth. Employment agencies are also a valuable tool and are eager to place qualified individuals in temporary and permanent positions. As there are so many applicants for each position, work standards are high so expats should be prepared to put their best foot forward. Sites such as LinkedIn are useful for making connections in the business world.

Work culture in Glasgow

On the whole, Scots are a friendly bunch and this applies in the workplace, too. Meetings are often started with small talk and pleasantries, and it's best not to rush the process but instead enjoy getting to know coworkers.

Stick to safe, neutral topics during small talk and be mindful of local points of sensitivity. Conflating or confusing Scotland with England, for example, is unlikely to earn favour in the office.