Accommodation in Glasgow

Expats will find that accommodation in Glasgow is marked by a wide variety of housing options available for both renting and purchasing. As is the case with many similarly sized cities afflicted with urban sprawl, there are certain types of property associated with particular districts and neighbourhoods.

Types of accommodation in Glasgow

Many areas close to the city centre contain a large amount of tenements, most of which have been updated and modernised. More modern apartments are interspersed throughout the city, and often make for an affordable option for newly arriving expats.

Outside of the city centre, the suburbs tend to be more family-oriented and are also often populated by commuters who travel in to work every day. These areas have more traditional housing options. Many of these housing estates have a cookie-cutter design serving a more functional role, while the older areas have character homes either custom-built or of an older design. These are often larger, and thus more expensive.

Finding accommodation in Glasgow

There are a number of resources available to expats looking for accommodation in Glasgow, including online property portals and local newspapers. Expats may also want to make use of the services of a real estate agent, as these professionals have extensive knowledge of the various areas and types of housing available in Glasgow and can offer advice and guidance throughout the process of finding a home.

Renting accommodation in Glasgow

Glasgow tends to be a good choice for young renters or those looking to make the most out of a relatively tight budget. Much of Glasgow's rental accommodation is offered fully furnished, which is a great option for those who may be waiting for overseas shipments or those starting over in their new location with no household belongings. However, if expats prefer to bring or buy their own furniture, it's usually fairly easy to arrange that one's chosen accommodation comes unfurnished.

The standard lease is for 12 months, with the typical deposit being the equivalent of one or two months' rent. Council tax and utilities are usually not included in the rental price and are an additional cost to the tenant.

Holly Rogers Our Expat Expert

Splitting her childhood between Canada and England, Holly Rogers lived most of her adult life in the Canadian Prairies working in the legal field before joining her fiance in his native city of Glasgow, Scotland. Upon settling in the city centre, she began her exploration of both the city and country, travelling as far north as Inverness in the Highlands and making her way as far south as London, England...with many stops in between. Currently working in advertising, Holly has become one of the intensely proud Glaswegians she lives amongst and welcomes anyone with questions to contact her.