Education and Schools in Glasgow

In Glasgow, as in the rest of Scotland, parents have a range of public and private choices with regards to the school their child attends. Though there are no international schools which serve the needs of children from particular countries in Glasgow, some private schools do offer students the option to study for the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, which is more widely recognised at the global level. 

Whichever option expats choose to go for, it is best to apply as far ahead of time as possible.

Government-funded schools in Glasgow

Glasgow’s primary and secondary schools follow the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, which is divided into two broad stages. The general education phase begins with the first year of primary school and continues into the first two years of secondary school, known as S1 and S2. The senior phase is from S3 (third year) to S7 (seventh year), at which point the curriculum is concluded.

Education at public schools is funded by the government for all pupils aged 5 to 19.

Private schools in Glasgow

Glasgow has a number of independent schools where funding is from fees and charitable donations. There may be scholarship or bursary schemes to assist with costs. 

It is always worth organising tours of the schools, ideally during a school day, so that one gets a feel for the school’s approach and ethos. Some topics worth addressing include the length of the school day, extracurricular activities, class sizes, assessments and possible summer school activities. 

Many schools offer taster days where the prospective pupil can experience time in class with the other children. This is a worthwhile exercise, as the child can get an idea of where they feel most comfortable.

Independent schools tend to run entrance tests and these can be at various times of the year. Whatever school one chooses for their child, it is important that it meets their needs and works well logistically for the whole family.

International schools in Glasgow

Unfortunately, there are no full-time international schools in Glasgow which follow curriculums from other countries. However, expats may find that their children can follow the IB curriculum at a private school. As the expat community of Glasgow grows, there may be a rise in the number of international schools but at present, the options are limited in this area. 

Homeschooling in Glasgow

Parents can submit a request to their local council if they wish to withdraw their child from public school and educate them at home. If a child is attending a private school, they can simply withdraw the child from the school without the need to contact the local council.

Parents do not have to follow the school curriculum but they do need to comply with checks from council investigation officers, which usually take place once a year.