Lifestyle in Perth

New arrivals in Perth will find that the city has a lot to offer in terms of lifestyle and shopping options.

Whether one prefers spending the day trawling through designer outlets, enjoying a cold beer by the river, trying some exotic culinary delicacies or hitting the beach, there really is something to suit every taste.

Shopping in Perth

Expats will find that Perth is similar to other big cities when it comes to shopping. One will find everything from pedestrianised shopping villages to quaint weekly craft markets.

The Hay Street Mall is a popular place to shop in the city. Shoppers will find a range of speciality stores all under one roof. Myer and David Jones are the main department stores in Perth and branches can be found both in the city centre and suburbs.

Visiting local markets in Perth is a pleasant experience. Shoppers will find that many successful small businesses begin their journey showcasing items at one of Western Australia’s marketplaces. Most suburbs have their own farmers' markets where residents can purchase fresh produce throughout the year.

Nightlife in Perth

Perth is home to a large number of pubs and nightclubs which cater for expats with a variety of tastes. Northbridge is the main nightlife district of Perth which has a great atmosphere at weekends. Joondalup, Scarborough and Fremantle also have a handful of party venues.

The tradition of a "Sunday Session" at the pub is a Perth institution. Thanks to the great climate, expats will find that beer gardens overlooking the Swan River are a major part of the Perth drinking scene.

Eating out in Perth

With an immense variety of restaurants, Perth may not have the same swagger as Sydney but holds its own grains of culinary genius regardless. Not to mention the Winelands of the Swan Valley which are just a short drive from the city.

Whether one is after an elegant dining experience overlooking the river, tasting locally crafted wines, or eating humble fish and chips while watching the sun go down, Perth has an extensive range of dining options.

Perth’s vibrant multiculturalism is evident in its culinary offering. Naturally, seafood plays a major role too. Expats looking for a taste of home will be sure to find a range of international cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Ethiopian, Jamaican, French and Italian food available.

The favourable climate lends itself to al fresco dining and it's common to see people congregating outside bars after work.

Arts and culture in Perth

Expats will find a variety of cultural attractions available to keep them entertained during their spare time with a whole host of museums, art galleries and exhibitions scattered throughout the city.

A favourite activity amongst Perth residents is catching a classic movie at one of the city’s outdoor cinemas. This is a unique experience and must for all expats living in Perth.

Outdoor activities in Perth

Expats moving to Perth can expect a lifestyle that reflects a bold appreciation for nature and a mutually appointed respect for modernity.

Belts of waterways, green parkland and miles of sandy white beaches exist in perfect harmony with a compact central business district. The result is an airy and easy-going culture shaped around stunning landscapes and an enjoyable work environment.

The city’s Mediterranean climate makes for great outdoor options; expats enthralled by picnicking, water sports, hiking and jogging are sure to find plenty to do in Perth.