Accommodation in Perth comes in all shapes and sizes. Expats will need to decide what kind of property they prefer, what kind of housing they can afford, and in which area or suburb of Perth they’d like to be located before beginning their search.

Types of accommodation in Perth

Expats will find that there are plenty of housing options available in Perth. It ranges from furnished and unfurnished apartments (known as flats), to houses, studios and luxury apartments. The standard of accommodation varies significantly depending on the area.

It is worth noting that houses in Perth are built to keep their residents cool and not warm, and central heating and double-glazed windows are therefore a rarity. To keep warm in winter months, it helps to look for houses that get a lot of natural light, have north-facing windows or have put the more modern tenets of insulation into practice.

Finding accommodation in Perth

Expats will find that they may be required to do most of the house hunting themselves. Resources such as newspaper classifieds and internet searches are helpful in finding some options.

Alternatively, working with a real-estate agent can make the process simpler and may yield better results than going it alone. Estate agents also often have access to property listings before they go on the open market.

Renting accommodation in Perth

Viewings for accommodation in Perth are usually at set times, and if the property is well priced, expats should expect to be viewing with a number of other people. Many properties are managed through an agent and references will usually be required alongside extensive proof-of-identity documentation. These standards are enforced throughout Australia to protect against identity fraud.

In property listings, rental prices are typically quoted on a per-week basis. Rental payments may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, so this should be clarified before signing on.

Utility bills are usually not included in the rental price and are the responsibility of the tenant to pay.