Healthcare in Frankfurt

Expats moving to Frankfurt will find an excellent standard of healthcare and a culture centred on healthy living.

Both public and private hospitals in Frankfurt meet international standards and expats with a specific health problem can find comfort in the fact that there are a handful of specialist hospitals in the city.

All the leading hospitals that are accessible to expats in Frankfurt will accept major health insurance policies. Private hospitals in Frankfurt offer state-of-the-art medical technology, first-class facilities and access to top doctors and specialists.

Expats moving to Frankfurt will be pleased to know that almost all medical staff at hospitals in Frankfurt speak fluent English and waiting lists are short.  

Pharmacies, or Apotheken, are easy to find in Frankfurt and usually located on main shopping streets or inside malls. Pharmacies in Frankfurt tend to be closed in the evenings, on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and holidays. Some even close early on Wednesdays. While there are laws in Germany which have prevented the growth of pharmacy chains, there are a number of reputable pharmacies in the city.

Hospitals in Frankfurt

Below is a list of the most prominent hospitals in Frankfurt. Expats can expect to receive a good standard of treatment at these facilities.

Clementine Kinderhospital
Address: Theobald Christ Str 16

Address: Nibelungenallee 37

The University of Frankfurt Hospital
Address: Theodor Stern Kai 7

St Katherine's Hospital
Address: Innenstadt, Seckbacher Landstrasse 65