Adelaide remains one of Australia’s best-kept secrets and although locals are happy to keep it that way, nowadays it has a justly deserved reputation as a gourmet food and wine capital with great festivals. It’s equally known for street art, independent galleries and a thriving theatre scene.

Shopping in Adelaide

Rundle Mall is the major city shopping precinct and leading department stores and boutiques are all located here, as well as banking facilities, cafés and everything else expats might need.

Adelaide Arcade houses a range of speciality shops. It also boasts cinemas, designer stores and restaurants galore and epitomises the best that Adelaide has to offer.

There's also a great selection of markets in Adelaide. A local favourite for fresh produce is Adelaide Central Market. This is a place to savour everything gourmet that Adelaide and its wider region have to offer. Other popular markets include Gilles Street and the North Adelaide Vintage and Fashion Fair. 

Restaurants in Adelaide

Whatever one’s budget or eating preference there is a range of restaurants in Adelaide to explore. From award-winning restaurants to more humble offerings, there is something for everyone in this city. Those who are willing to travel a bit further afield will discover that restaurants located on Adelaide's wineries offer special dining experiences too.

Nightlife and entertainment in Adelaide

While Adelaide's nightlife doesn't quite compare to the thriving hubs of Melbourne or Sydney, there's still plenty to keep the night owls entertained. The club scene in Adelaide is eclectic and things heat up on weekends. Options range from wine bars and gastropubs to nightclubs and rooftop bars.

Theatre-goers will have plenty of opportunities to catch a good musical or stage performance at one of Adelaide's entertainment venues. Theatres around the city all host a range of productions and expats should check the latest listings to find something that tickles their fancy. 

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