Expats moving to San Jose will find themselves in the heart of Silicon Valley, famous for its large concentration of high-technology engineering, computer and microprocessor companies. As a hotbed of technological innovation, San Jose has also become a Mecca for start-up companies. Beyond the traditional employers associated with Silicon Valley, other sectors that play a prominent role in San Jose’s economy include government, education and healthcare industries. 

Job market in San Jose

As an expat destination, San Jose attracts highly skilled expats and budding entrepreneurs who are looking to capitalise on the Bay Area’s progressive attitude and the opportunities available in the high-technology and internet industries. While top US universities in the Bay Area, such as Stanford and Berkley, produce some of the best engineering and computer science graduates, there is still a shortage of adequately qualified workers in San Jose. This is due to the fact that the economy of Silicon Valley is constantly growing with new companies opening offices in San Jose each year.

Finding a job in San Jose

Highly skilled expats with expertise in their field are likely to find a position in San Jose. Networking is important. It helps to make connections and keep one's ear to the ground for new opportunities or upcoming start-ups. Online job portals, local newspapers and recruitment agencies are also good sources for finding work.

In addition to having the right skills, qualifications and experience, expats wanting to work in San Jose must ensure that they have the correct work permit for the USA.