The best places to live in San Jose

The majority of expats moving to San Jose do so because of its proximity to the heart of Silicon Valley. When looking for accommodation, deciding on suitable areas and suburbs of San Jose is one of the main challenges facing expats.

Some expats relocating to San Jose to take up a job in Silicon Valley will find that their employer will find them suitable accommodation close to their office. This will take away much of the stress of deciding where to live. However, those not lucky enough to be in this position will need to narrow down a few areas in which to search for suitable accommodation.

Being one of the largest cities in California, San Jose naturally provides plenty of different areas and suburbs to suit the needs of its various residents. From young, single professionals who move to the city to take up employment at one of the many high-tech companies in the region to expats relocating with a family on a more permanent basis, there are homes in San Jose to suit any expat's requirements.

Popular neighbourhoods for expats in San Jose

San Jose

Downtown San Jose

The heart of San Jose is home to the headquarters of both major and up-and-coming tech companies. For those working at any of these companies, living in Downtown San Jose has its advantages. Those searching for property in this area will find that there is a wide variety of options available. From charming Victorian buildings and California-style bungalows to newly constructed, high-rise condominiums, there are properties to suit an array of tastes. 

As well as being close to the office, residents living in Downtown San Jose have easy access to a myriad of activities on offer in the city centre. Thanks to the area's fine dining establishments, fascinating art galleries and exciting theatres, expats living close to the city centre will find plenty to keep them occupied. Downtown San Jose is also great for those that enjoy an active lifestyle as it's easy to get about on foot and there are plenty of trails for joggers and cyclists.

Willow Glen

For expats who want to live in a more residential area and still have access to the facilities of Downtown San Jose, Willow Glen is an option well worth considering. This neighbourhood has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which is often hard to come by in the city. It's a pedestrian-friendly area with a whole host of restaurants, cafés and shops.

As it's located so close to San Jose’s downtown area, Willow Glen is home to some prime property and this is reflected in the high prices. Expats will find lots of Victorian and Spanish-style buildings in Willow Glen which are great for those looking for a home with character. There are also plenty of modern townhouses and condominiums available here. On average, properties in this neighbourhood are a little larger than those found in Downtown San Jose.

Silver Creek Valley

This is a small, affluent part of San Jose which offers residents a peaceful sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of San Jose’s city centre. Prospective residents will find several housing options on offer, ranging from luxury homes with landscaped gardens to more modest single-storey properties.

A major draw of Silver Creek Valley is the suburb's location close to some of San Jose’s top schools. Furthermore, Silver Creek Valley provides a clean and safe environment for children to grow up in. There are also plenty of parks and recreation facilities to keep little ones entertained. In addition, most properties come with a good-sized outdoor area. The downside, however, is that it's further away from the city centre and most places of work. 

Blossom Valley

This is a safe suburban part of San Jose. Blossom Valley is close to many of the large high-tech company offices. The properties in Blossom Valley are reasonably priced in comparison to other parts of San Jose. Housing mainly consists of housing developments and condominiums.

Although Blossom Valley is located some distance away from San Jose’s city centre, one of the major advantages of living here is the area’s great shopping facilities, as residents have access to lots of shopping malls, department stores and boutiques. For expats who enjoy the great outdoors, living in Blossom Valley allows residents access to great hiking trails and golf courses.