Healthcare in Denver

Denver is home to some excellent healthcare facilities, so expats do not need to worry when it comes to their medical needs. Thanks to the presence of award-winning medical research institutions, such as those at the University of Colorado, Denver has become a prominent location in the USA’s healthcare industry. 

Pharmacies can easily be found throughout the city, along any main shopping street or mall. There are many pharmacies that are open 24/7 and expats should familiarise themselves with their nearest one in case there is an emergency.

As is the case throughout the USA, expats living in Denver must ensure that they have a comprehensive health insurance plan so that they can access any of the city’s medical facilities.

Here is a list of the most prominent hospitals in Denver:

Hospitals in Denver

Children's Hospital Colorado

Address: 13123 East 16th Avenue 


Porter Adventist Hospital

Address: 2525 South Downing Street 


Saint Joseph Hospital Denver

Address: 1375 East 19th Avenue


University of Colorado Hospital

Address: 12401 East 17th Avenue