Dallas has a diverse economy with job opportunities in a variety of sectors. Due to the city's strategic location, pro-business attitude and favourable economic climate, Dallas has become a place where business has thrived. As such, increasing numbers of global companies have chosen to start operations here.

Job market in Dallas

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Dominant industries in Dallas include banking, commerce, telecommunications, computer technology, energy and healthcare. The city is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Energy Transport Equity and Tenet Healthcare.

Dallas has become known as the 'Silicon Prairie', as it's among America's largest employment centres for high technology industries. In addition, Dallas is a hub for telecommunications manufacturing in the USA.

Finding a job in Dallas

Expats moving to Dallas are advised to do so with a secure job offer, as finding employment in the city isn't always easy. Competition for jobs in Dallas is high, and companies are looking to hire those with considerable experience within their field rather than recent graduates or those who require more training.

Online job portals advertise positions available, while there is also the option of recruitment agencies to help with the process. Those lucky enough to land a job in Dallas will find that many of the big employers in the city offer a pleasant working environment with good training opportunities and incentives. 

All expats seeking employment in Dallas will need to be in possession of the necessary US work permit or green card.

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Work culture in Dallas

In general, the work culture in Dallas has a less frenetic pace than the other major business cities around the US, though this can vary widely by industry. Different workplaces inevitably have differing policies and prevailing attitudes when it comes to dress codes, office atmosphere and co-worker relations. A job at a major bank will likely be more formal than working at a tech start-up, for example.

The all-American value of hard work can be seen in Dallas. Once an employee has their foot in the door, hard work becomes the primary determinant of success.