Finding accommodation in Dallas will be one of the biggest challenges facing new arrivals. Regardless of whether expats are looking to rent or buy, housing in Dallas is in short supply.

The quality of apartments and houses in Dallas is high and property prices reflect this. In fact, Dallas is home to some of the most luxurious and expensive properties in the world. In terms of more affordable living options in Dallas, expats will find their choices are limited.

Due to the shortage of property, especially in popular areas and suburbs of Dallas, expats are advised to begin their search as soon as possible. Luckily, there are plenty of real estate agents available in Dallas to advise new arrivals on the city’s property market.

Types of accommodation in Dallas

Expats will find that the type of housing available is varied. Accommodation in Dallas ranges from modern apartments and urban loft spaces in the downtown area to luxury condos and huge family homes further out in the suburbs.

As property is big business in Dallas, the standard is generally excellent and properties are always well maintained. However, this high standard of accommodation comes with a hefty price tag, so expats should do extensive research on standard property prices and budget carefully before deciding to make the move to Dallas.

Finding accommodation in Dallas

Dallas’ property market is booming and demand substantially exceeds supply, so finding somewhere to stay isn't always easy. New arrivals will benefit from the services of a real estate agent, who will be familiar with the local property market. There are plenty of agents working in the city and it's worth speaking to other expats to get recommendations too.

The internet is a good place to begin a search for a property. Once an expat has familiarised themselves with the numerous neighbourhoods of Dallas, online portals can be used to get an idea of the type of properties available and property prices in particular areas and suburbs. However, it's important to note that property in sought-after areas is snapped up very quickly in Dallas, even before agents have a chance to advertise online. Therefore, expats will benefit from making real estate agents aware of their preferences and the type of place they are looking for so they don’t miss out when something suitable comes up.

Renting accommodation in Dallas

Most expats living in Dallas will opt to rent rather than buy property, at least initially. Renting accommodation in Dallas will give expats a greater degree of flexibility.


As the availability of property is limited, landlords will typically be looking for tenants who can commit for a minimum of a one-year lease.


Generally, tenants are expected to put down a deposit of at least one month’s rent.

Furnished or unfurnished

Both furnished and unfurnished housing is available. Basic fittings such as light fixtures, blinds and built-in cupboards are usually included in both types of property. Some unfurnished properties will come with a stove, refrigerator and washing machine, but it is always worth confirming the details with the property owner.


Utilities are usually not included in the cost of renting a property. New arrivals should budget for these costs separately.