Expats are only able to work in certain sectors in Ghana. The government has immigrant quotas in place that limit the number of foreigners who can be employed by companies operating in Ghana. These regulations aim to reduce unemployment in the country and give preference to the local workforce where possible.

For foreigners who can secure a job in Ghana, the next step is to apply for both a work permit and a residence permit. Most employers assist with the work permit application process.

Work permits for Ghana

Work permit applications must be done in person at the Ghana Immigration Services headquarters in Accra. In most cases, the employer will submit the documents on a foreign worker's behalf before they arrive in the country.

Work permits are usually granted for one year, the length of the contract or a maximum of two years. After this period, expats will need to apply for a renewal.

The company applies for the work permit on behalf of the applicant with certain company-specific documents, but it also requires certain personal details and particulars of the expat. These are subject to change, but often include passport-sized photos, a curriculum vitae and a copy of their passport.

* Visa and work permit requirements are subject to change at short notice and expats should consult their respective embassy or consulate for the latest details.