Education and Schools in Ghana

When it comes to education in Ghana, most expats find the national curriculum to be limited, teaching methods to be outdated and the standard of facilities to be lower than what they would be used to back at home. For these reasons, expats tend to bypass public schooling options in Ghana and send their children to an international school.

Public schools in Ghana

Although English is the official language in Ghana, the language of instruction at the primary level of public schools in many regions is the local vernacular. In Accra, however, most schools teach in English with only elective courses in local languages. Generally, the teaching focus in Ghanaian public schools is on learning by memorisation and repetition. Although this can be effective for younger children, most expats will find the lack of focus on individual thinking and problem solving somewhat limiting.

Students begin their six-year primary education at the age of six. After primary school, students pass into a junior secondary school system for three years of academic training combined with technical and vocational training. Senior secondary school follows for three more years.

International schools in Ghana

Due to the large expat community in Accra, private international schools that are modelled on the education systems in other countries have emerged. Most of these schools teach the American, British or International Baccalaureate curricula, but there are also French and German schools.

There's only a handful of international schools outside of Accra, so expat parents in other regions often choose to homeschool their children.

Most international schools are expensive. Expats should take care to negotiate tuition allowances in their contract or to negotiate their salary accordingly.

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