Healthcare in Barcelona

As is generally the case in Spain, the system of healthcare in Barcelona is high quality and holds a good reputation among both locals and expats. Even international patients have taken notice of the country’s exceptional treatment, and a fair amount of foreigners travel to the city as medical tourists. As a result, both the public and private healthcare sectors in the cityBarcelona have risen to meet the challenge.

The Catalan public health system is known to locals as CatSalut, and offers largely subsidised care for those who have a Targeta Sanitària Individual (TSI) healthcare card. However, it is often associated with long queues for simple examinations or seemingly endless waits for routine operations.

In light of these setbacks, expats moving to Catalonia are advised to make use of the robust private healthcare system in Barcelona and to invest in private health insurance.That said, the problems with public healthcare are mostly institutional and doctors in Barcelona generally provide a high standard of healthcare.

Private hospitals in Barcelona tend to be less crowded and more efficient than their public equivalents. The Catalan capital contains more than a quarter of all of Spain’s private clinics, and such a wide variety of options has raised the standard of care in the cosmopolitan centre.

Hospitals in Barcelona

Below is a list of some of the most prominent hospitals in Barcelona:


Hospital Plató

C/Plató 21, 08006, Barcelona


Centro Médico Teknon

Carrer Vilana 12, 08022, Barcelona


Hospital Universitari Dexeus

Sabino Arana 5-19, 08028, Barcelona


Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Children’s Hospital

Santa Rosa Street., 08950, Esplugues de Llobregat