Accommodation in Amsterdam

Accommodation in Amsterdam can be difficult to find, especially at a good price. There is always a high demand for property, and even low-quality rentals are highly sought after. Because of this competitive housing market, most expats will find themselves renting, rather than buying.

The cost of accommodation in Amsterdam continues to rise and this is especially the case the closer one moves to the city centre. For this reason, many expats choose to look for property in smaller villages outside the city.

Types of accommodation in Amsterdam

There is a range of options when it comes to accommodation in Amsterdam, but most properties are in the form of small apartments, especially in the inner city. Expats wanting more space and a home with a garden may need to look outside the city limits.

Furnished apartments in Amsterdam are often treated like large hotel rooms where tenants have little protection, while contracts for semi-furnished (containing kitchen appliances and sometimes a little basic furniture) and unfurnished apartments usually provide more tenant protection.

Finding accommodation in Amsterdam

Finding suitable accommodation in Amsterdam can be a challenge as demand often exceeds supply.

There are various online property portals which can be used to search for accommodation. Expats should consider using a rental agency since they have a better idea of the areas in the city and can help navigate the rental process. Most agencies advertise on large online property portals. They're quite competitive, so expats should compare prices.

Renting accommodation in Amsterdam

Once expats have found suitable accommodation, they will need to sign a rental agreement. The rental agreement must include the rental amount, the length of the contract, the rules of the house, the date on which the rent will be increased and any stipulations regarding the maintenance of the property.

A deposit of one to two months’ rent is common to secure a property. Utilities and municipal taxes are not always included in the rental agreement and the tenant may be responsible for paying these. This should be clearly stated in the rental agreement.

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