The difficulty of applying for and obtaining a visa for the Channel Islands will vary depending on one's nationality and reason for entering the country. Due to the ties that the Channel Island has with the UK, visitor visas are applied for and processed through UK visa system.

Visit visas for Channel Islands

Nationals of the EU, EEA and UK are allowed visa-free entry into Jersey and Guernsey. Other nationalities will need to apply for a visit visa ahead of time. This can be done online via the UK government visa application portal. A visitor visa allows a stay of up to six months. During this period, no work can be undertaken. Visitors cannot switch visa categories from within the Channel Islands.

Work permits for Channel Islands

Jersey work permits fall under one of two categories: skilled or temporary. Skilled work permits require that the holder fills a local skills shortage and are valid for up to three years. Temporary work permits are for shorter periods in specific industries. These permits are valid for up to 12 months for construction workers or up to nine months for hospitality, fishing and agricultural workers. If the permit holder meets skilled work permit conditions, it's possible to switch from a temporary work permit to a skilled work permit.

To take up a job in Guernsey, an Employment Permit (also known as a Right To Work document) is required. Depending on the position, the Employment Permit can range in validity from one to five years.

On both Jersey and Guernsey, the employer is responsible for applying for the initial permit. Once the permit is granted, the employee must then apply for a visa in order to enter the country.