The cost of living in the Channel Islands is fairly high. In comparison to mainland UK, most things in the Channel Islands are more expensive. This is largely because of the cost of importing goods to the islands. Jersey, the larger of the two bailiwicks, has a slightly higher cost of living than Guernsey. Accommodation, food and furniture are particularly pricey, but fuel and insurance are generally cheaper than in the UK.

Cost of accommodation in Channel Islands

With limited space on the islands, it's expensive to both buy and rent accommodation on Jersey and Guernsey. There are extensive licensing and permit regulations governing the rent and purchase of housing on the islands, and expats are often limited to just a small portion of the local market.

The cost of parking might not be included in rental costs, and the price of utilities such as gas and electricity has been steadily rising over the last few years.

Cost of transport in Channel Islands

The small size of both Jersey and Guernsey make it quite possible to live without a car, although those who do decide to drive on the islands will be glad to know that petrol, insurance and parking are cheaper here than in mainland UK. Public transport, cycling and walking are good alternatives to driving. Channel Island bus services are efficient and affordable.

Cost of food and groceries in Channel Islands

Much of the fresh produce sold in the Channel Islands has to be imported from elsewhere, and the cost of doing so is generally passed on to the customer, hiking the price that these goods would otherwise be sold for. Local produce is much cheaper and can be found at town markets, although quantity is limited.

The Channel Islands are well known for fresh and high-quality cuisine, particularly seafood. Eating out in Jersey or Guernsey costs about the same as eating out in London.

Cost of education in Channel Islands

The cost of education in the Channel Islands is equal to or lower than in the UK. State schools are free to attend in Jersey and Guernsey, as they are in the UK, while private schools on the islands are usually just as good as private schools in the UK, and have much lower fees.

Cost of living in Channel Islands chart

Prices may vary depending on product and service provider. The list below shows average prices for Jersey in February 2022.


Three-bedroom apartment in city centre

JEP 2,500

Three-bedroom apartment outside city centre

JEP 2,300

One-bedroom apartment in city centre

JEP 1,300

One-bedroom apartment outside city centre

JEP 1,000


Eggs (dozen)

JEP 3.30

Milk (1 litre)

JEP 1.20

Rice (1kg)

JEP 2.40

Loaf of white bread

JEP 1.60

Chicken breasts (1kg)


Pack of cigarettes (Marlboro)

JEP 10

Eating out

Big Mac Meal


Coca-Cola (330ml)

JEP 1.80



Local beer (500ml)

JEP 4.50

Three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant

JEP 70


Mobile-to-mobile call rate (per minute)

JEP 0.48

Internet (uncapped ADSL or cable – average per month) 

JEP 45

Basic utilities (per month for small household)

JEP 160


Taxi rate (per kilometre)


Bus/train fare in the city centre 

JEP 2.10

Petrol/gasoline (per litre)

JEP 1.30