Parents looking for things to do with kids in Taipei will be able to enjoy a variety of family-friendly activities and attractions to keep their children entertained.

Science museums, the Taipei Zoo, a number of water parks and theme parks, and various children's holiday programmes mean that no matter what the weather may be, it's always possible to find something to do with the kids.

Activities for kids in Taipei 

Taipei Zoo

No child can help but be entranced by the giant pandas at the Taipei Zoo. The zoo is the largest in Asia. It's often praised for its modern, humane practices and for its educational displays about conservation and the environment. 

Baby Boss

A popular attraction for young expats, Baby Boss is a massive activity centre modelled on a city where the kids dress up and pretend to have jobs. Different settings allow for role-playing and hands-on learning.

Taipei Astronomical Museum

The Astronomical Museum in Jihe Road, Shilin, opened in 1997 and has four floors of gadgets, displays and observatories. There is an IMAX theatre, a 3D theatre and amusement rides, and it's a must-see for adults and children.

National Taiwan Science Education Center

This is a must-see for children with an interest in technology. It boasts a high-tech museum with a kids' playground and discovery centre, where kids can play with Lego and draw on the walls. The complex has a 3D theatre with an ever-changing programme of exhibits and presentations.

Miniatures Museum of Taipei

The first of its kind in Asia, this museum of miniatures features delicate dollhouses and cutaway scenes of houses from around the world. The museum is in the same building as the Museum of Jade Art, which parents might feel is also worth a visit.