Weather in Taiwan is heavily influenced by the tropical monsoon climate that also affects the southern portion of China's mainland. However, Pacific Ocean currents and the island's topography make the effects of the monsoon quite distinct.

Expats moving to Taiwan will find a climate that requires light, breathable clothing for the hot and humid summers. Winters are relatively mild, particularly in the southern part of the island. The northern part of Taiwan can potentially experience slightly cooler temperatures during the non-summer months, but lows rarely dip below 54°F (12°C), with the average annual temperature sitting at a comfortable 72°F (22°C).

Rainfall is a defining characteristic of weather in Taiwan. It's worth noting that the eastern coast is generally wetter than the west due to the Central Mountain Range. Typhoon season settles in from late summer to mid-autumn (June to October), with three or four major storms that can cause substantial wind damage and flooding each year. It's crucial for expats to familiarise themselves with local typhoon preparedness measures.

Taiwan also experiences the occasional earthquake, although they are typically minor tremors and not severe.