Lifestyle in Shenzhen

With an incredibly diverse range of entertainment options, expats in Shenzhen will not struggle to find new things to see and do. This vibrant Chinese city offers residents a plethora of shopping and dining experiences to meet their every desire, as well as a huge variety of nightclubs, pubs and bars. 

Expats who prefer to spend time in the great outdoors will also find plenty of attractions and activities to keep them occupied during their stay in Shenzhen. 

Shopping in Shenzhen

Expats in Shenzhen will have an abundance of excellent shopping options. The city is often hailed a 'shopper's paradise, and from malls to markets, there is something to suit everyone's tastes.

Shopping malls

Luohu commercial city is one of the largest shopping malls in Shenzhen. This centre mainly specialises in cheap knockoffs of world-famous brands, and shoppers won't have to look far to find a good bargain.

Other popular shopping malls in Shenzhen include MixC centre and the expansive CocoPark. 


As Shenzhen has expanded, a number of outdoor markets have sprung up around the city. Markets like the Nanshan Farmer's Market and the Shekou Houhai Market are conveniently located in popular expat areas of Shenzhen, and offer residents an exciting outing and cultural experience. 

Shopping streets

Shopping streets in Shenzhen are some of the most unique and iconic shopping options in China. The most popular of these is the famous Dongmen shopping street located in the Louhu district. Expats will be able to find everything from shoes and clothing to souvenirs and electronic goods on offer here. 

Nightlife in Shenzhen

Expats looking to enjoy a night out in Shenzhen will not be disappointed. Most of the popular expat neighbourhoods in the city have a wide selection of night clubs, bars and lounges for residents to enjoy. 

Areas like Shekou and Louhu have the highest concentration of nightclubs in the city. These areas also boast other attractions like live music venues, karaoke lounges and sports pubs. 

Outdoor activities in Shenzhen

Nature loving expats in Shenzhen will find themselves in an excellent location to enjoy the great outdoors. Just a short distance out of the city, in areas like Yantian and Longgang, there is a wide selection of beach resorts for city-dwellers who are looking for a way to escape the busy atmosphere of Shenzhen. 

Hiking is another popular outdoor activity in Shenzhen. Wutong Mountain is a beautiful venue for people to enjoy a day out on the trails, and is particularly busy on weekend mornings.