Accommodation in Shenzhen

Accommodation in Shenzhen will likely take up a significant percentage of an expat's budget. However, despite being known for having some of the fastest-rising home prices in the world, housing costs in the city have still not caught up to those of nearby cities like Hong Kong. It is not uncommon for young or single expats in Shenzhen to seek out roommates to help cover these costs. 

Shenzhen is home to over 15 million people, bringing demand for accommodation to an all-time high. The city is split into nine districts. These districts each have their own distinct atmosphere, and due to their size, it can often take residents well over an hour to commute between some districts. It is therefore crucial that expats do thorough research on where they will be working and where their children will be attending school before signing any lease agreement. 

Types of accommodation in Shenzhen

Expats arriving in Shenzhen will find that most accommodation comes in the form of apartments. These apartments are usually partially furnished and come with basic amenities such as televisions, kitchen appliances and washing machines.

Expats living in older districts such as Louhu will find that their accommodation options are significantly smaller and not as modern as those in areas like Nanshan and Futian.

Finding accommodation in Shenzhen

Some companies may include furnished accommodation in an expat contract, but those who do not have this benefit are advised to use a local real estate agent who specialises in expat rentals. These agents often charge fees of up to one month's worth of rental costs but are an expat's best bet at successfully navigating the language and cultural barriers which may hamper their apartment search.

There are also a number of online property portals which might be a useful starting point for expats who would prefer not to use a rental agent. Online advertisements looking for roommates in Shenzhen are also a common way for expats to find a home and establish connections in the city. 

Renting accommodation in Shenzhen

Renting accommodation in Shenzhen can be a complicated process full of hidden costs. Expats should be aware that most monthly rental prices do not include utilities like water and electricity or property management fees. 

Modern apartment complexes with amenities like gyms and swimming pools are likely to come with additional monthly maintenance fees which could add significantly to the advertised rental costs.