Every city has its ups and downs, and Chicago is no exception. When deciding whether to take the plunge and relocate, it's best to be realistic about what day-to-day life in the city will be like. Here are some of the pros and cons of moving to Chicago.

Accommodation in Chicago

+ PRO: Range of options

From two-flats and bungalows to high-rise apartments and freestanding family homes, there are plenty of choices to suit any lifestyle when it comes to accommodation in Chicago.

+ Pro: Renting and buying are relatively cheap 

Although Chicago has quite a high cost of living on a global scale, accommodation prices are on the lower end. Expats will be able to find a home to suit their budget, although it may come with a commute into the city for work. With such excellent transport options, however, this shouldn't be a problem. 

Transport in Chicago

+ PRO: Major air travel hub

With the O’Hare International Airport only 45 minutes from downtown Chicago, it's easy to fly nationally and internationally at the drop of a hat. Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and other major cities are only a couple of hours from Chicago.

+ PRO: Good public transport system

Expats in Chicago won't have much need for a car as the city has an affordable, reliable and extensive public transport network consisting of trains and buses, some of which run 24 hours a day. This integrated system is made even easier with the use of a Ventra Card, on which credit can be loaded. 

- CON: Traffic is an issue

Another reason not to drive in Chicago, other than the excellent transport network in the city, is horrendous traffic. Newcomers should be aware of this and avoid driving or taking a taxi during rush hours, especially if in a hurry. Parking is also limited and hard to find, yet another reason to leave the car at home. 

Cost of living in Chicago

- CON: High cost of living

Chicago is one of the most expensive cities in America. Those moving there will need to ensure that they are able to shoulder the high cost of living the city incurs. Luckily, salaries are correspondingly high.

Lifestyle in Chicago

+ PRO: Chicago is a multicultural city

Chicago’s ethnically diverse roots make it a fantastic destination for expats, who should have no problem finding others who can commiserate with the highs and lows of the relocation process. Making friends should therefore not be too much of a struggle for new additions to Chicago's population. 

+ PRO: Lots of green spaces

The lifestyle in Chicago is fantastic. Those who enjoy the outdoors will have plenty of ways to spend their leisure time, from the famous Lincoln Park to the sprawling vistas of Lake Michigan.

+ PRO: The city has great food

Known for its restaurant and nightlife scene, new arrivals in Chicago should not struggle to find something that tickles their tastebuds. With a range of excellent restaurants, food markets and bars available, newcomers will be spoilt for choice when picking a dining spot on any night of the week. 

- CON: The crime rates are high

Sadly, Chicago is notorious for its crime rates, making safety somewhat an issue for its population. Fortunately, being vigilant of their surroundings and staying away from the more precarious areas should be enough to keep newcomers from having to experience any of the crime portrayed in movies and series about this city. 

Weather in Chicago

- CON: A long and cold winter

Be prepared: Chicago’s winter is extremely cold with snowstorms and blizzards. Heavy snow tends to pile up overnight, making it necessary to remove snow from doorways, driveways and cars before leaving the house.