There are a number of international shipping and removal companies offering competitively priced quotes for shipping services to Egypt.

Shipping to cities other than Cairo will be more difficult and expensive, but is still feasible. We recommended that small, expensive items be brought in personal luggage or air freight as Egyptian customs has a reputation for allowing items to go missing. It is also a good idea to insure expensive shipped goods and to do so through a company other than the one used for shipping to ensure complete and honest coverage.

That said, it is often much cheaper to buy new items from within Egypt than to ship them from another country. This will not only save on shipping costs, but also on any imposed duty or taxes on imported goods. Electronics and furniture are taxed exceptionally highly, but can be bought cheaply in Egypt. 

Banned items for shipping to Egypt

Egypt has a strict policy in place for bringing in items that are offensive to the Muslim culture. Be sure to check the government lists or phone the nearest Egyptian embassy prior to shipping. Narcotics and drugs, cotton, firearms and birds, or any bird byproducts, are also banned from shipping to Egypt, and the amount of cigarettes, alcohol and perfume or cologne, among other things, that can be brought into the country are strictly regulated. 

Shipping pets to Egypt

Those bringing pets to Egypt should be aware that they will need a health certificate from a valid government veterinarian  in their home country. This must not be older than two weeks, and the pet may still be subject to examination upon arrival in Egypt. Pets must also have had all their vaccinations, including rabies. 

There are a number of animals that are banned from being brought into Egypt, including birds and reptiles. Expats should contact their Egyptian embassy for more information about this.