Shipping and Removals in Angola

Shipping to Angola is certainly possible for expats but is not entirely recommended.

Options exist to ship by air or by sea, as Angola shares a large maritime border along the Atlantic Ocean. Sending items by sea is generally cheaper, but takes longer and is plagued by port inefficiencies. As a country that relies heavily on the import of goods, congestion, constraints caused by processing and paperwork and delays in clearance cripple port terminal management.

Often times, container ships will have arrived but are not given permission to dock for weeks on end. Furthermore, once goods are offloaded, expats may find large gaps in time go by before items are cleared for release - during which huge storage costs can amount and damage may occur.

Shipping to Angola by air is much more efficient, albeit expensive.

Expats should also note that customs clearance in Angola is complicated and if shipping a large number of goods to Angola it's best to hire an international clearing agent.

Both furnished and unfurnished accommodation exists in Luanda, the city where most expats will be based. Furniture in Angola, like everything else, is expensive. For this reason, expats should try their best to arrange a furnished option; otherwise, it's vital they negotiate a shipping allowance into their expat package.

As an alternative, expats exiting the country often advertise used goods in local classifieds; most of the items tend to be in good condition. This is a great way to bag a bargain if one doesn't mind pre-owned décor.