With such a large territory, there is a vast variation in Algeria’s climate. The northern coastal regions, which includes the capital city Algiers, enjoy a Mediterranean climate, with mild and wet winters balanced out by hot summers. Temperatures average around 54°F (12°C) in winter and 79°F (26°C) in summer.

The central parts of the country have a continental climate, being both warmer and drier than the north. Winters temperatures in this region average around 43°F (6°C), with frost and occasional snowfall. Summers average around a pleasant 82°F (28°C).

The huge Saharan area has a desert climate with extremely high summer temperatures that turn incredibly cold during winter nights. Temperatures range from 14°F to 93°F  (–10°C to 34°C) and extreme highs of 120°F (49°C) aren't uncommon. The area also suffers from frequent and violent winds.

Algeria is frequently hit with heatwaves during the summer months. Expats should stay out of the sun and make sure they are hydrated during the day.