There is a variety of accommodation in Algeria for expats to choose from. Where an expat lives will depend on their circumstances and the type of work they do. Those living in the main cities are likely to live in apartments or villas, while expats working in the more remote oilfields will likely live within secure compounds managed by their company.

Types of accommodation in Algeria

Algerian cities offer several different types of accommodation, including studios, apartments and villas. Both furnished and unfurnished accommodation is available, with the former being more popular among expats.

Security is always an important consideration when searching for accommodation in Algeria. Those that work in the oilfields, in particular, will likely be housed in compound accommodation that is heavily secured. 

Finding accommodation in Algeria

There are some real-estate websites on which expats are able to browse for housing listings in Algeria. That said, without knowledge of French and some understanding of the local housing market and residential neighbourhoods, the best option is to engage the services of a local real-estate agent. Most expats moving to Algeria can also rely on the assistance of their employer in the housing search.

Renting property in Algeria


Leases are typically signed on a one-year basis, but expats may also be able to find month to month rentals. The lease agreements are usually drawn up in Arabic. This is another case where a real-estate agent will come in handy but, to ensure expats know exactly what’s expected of them, it’s important to also have the lease translated into English.

Deposits, costs and fees

Paying a year’s rent in advance is not unusual in Algeria, although expats renting on a short-term lease will most likely be able to pay rent each month. It is also required to pay a deposit equal to a month's rent when signing the lease. This deposit is refunded once the lease has come to an end and the tenant hasn't damaged the premises during their occupation period. On top of rent and the deposit, expats must also be aware that they will be charged agency fees. 


Unless living in a secure compound, expats will also have to pay for their utilities, including electricity, water, gas and internet.