Manchester is home to one of the UK’s largest economies and has a range of strong industries, making it a worthy option for career-oriented expats to consider. 

Manchester is a key location for many foreign-owned companies that often bring in expats from all over the world. The dominant industries in Manchester include financial services, creative and digital industries, manufacturing, engineering, the media and education.

Job market in Manchester

The banking industry in Manchester employs a large amount of the city's residents, and the city also has a strong knowledge-based economy. This is clustered around the University of Manchester and as a result of its innovative spirit, the city has seen the development of a number of high-value niches including biotechnology, software development, ICT, electronics, environmental technologies, chemicals and textiles. Many expats come to Manchester to study or take up research positions at one of its academic institutions, and education plays a prominent role in the local economy.

Manchester is the second-largest centre of creative and digital industries in Europe, and has created a name for itself within the media industry. 

Finding a job in Manchester

Regardless of which industry they work in, all expats from outside the EU hoping to take up a job offer in Manchester will need to ensure they have a valid work permit.

Many expats have a firm employment offer in place before relocating to the city, but for those that don't, networking, recruitment agencies, and the business and recruitment pages of local newspapers will be helpful in finding work.