Once a manufacturing and trading hub, Leeds has since evolved and diversified its economy to become one of the UK’s largest financial centres outside of London. The city has seen a meteoric economic rise in recent years, making working in Leeds an attractive choice for workers from all over the UK and the world.

Job market in Leeds

The finance, legal, service, creative and digital industries in Leeds have overtaken the traditional manufacturing sector as some of the city’s biggest employers.
The metropolis boasts an exciting start-up culture, attracting tech professionals from all over the UK. A few major UK and multinational corporations, such as Channel 4, GHD and ASDA, have also moved their bases to Leeds in the last few years, opening up even more doors for qualified job seekers. The city’s tourism sector has also grown exponentially, followed closely by the logistics and production industries.

Work culture in Leeds

Leeds has earned recognition as one of the most liveable cities in the UK for its fantastic lifestyle, affordability and favourable work-life balance.  

The work culture varies across different industries; as in other UK cities, the finance and legal sectors in Leeds are naturally more formal than, say, the creative and media industries. This extends to work attire, workplace atmosphere and hierarchies. 
Generally speaking, though, the hierarchical structures in Leeds workplaces tend to be more relaxed. Respecting authority is still important, but egalitarianism is more common. Punctuality and politeness is integral to working and doing business in the UK, and it’s no different in Leeds. 

Locals are known to be friendly, and socialising with colleagues after work or at the weekend is not uncommon. All this contributes to a pleasant working environment and strong colleague relationships.