Birmingham is the UK's second-largest economy, only outdone by London. That said, with an unemployment rate well above the country's average, it can be difficult to secure a job here.

Those who do manage to secure employment in Birmingham will be joining a workforce that has repeatedly been rated as one of the UK's happiest, thanks to the generally excellent working conditions and overall good work-life balance available here.

Job market in Birmingham

Birmingham has a long history as a manufacturing and engineering hub, with cars and jewellery being among the city's main exports. However, though manufacturing was once Birmingham's bread and butter, it has had to diversify in recent decades.

Today, Birmingham's economy is more service based. Tourism, retail and finance are prominent industries, alongside continually growing sectors such as healthcare and social work. Birmingham's central location also makes it an ideal base for logistics, transport and distribution operations.

Work culture in Birmingham

While work culture varies significantly between industries, Birmingham companies are generally friendly and relaxed places to work, as long as employees meet all their responsibilities. It's not unusual to head out for a round of drinks after work, and the casual atmosphere provides a good environment for bonding with coworkers.

Birmingham's widely known good work-life balance is one of the major benefits of moving here, and future Birmingham workers will be glad to know that they're unlikely to be taking work home with them or working excessive hours of overtime.