The NHS Grampian, an affiliate of the Scottish National Health Services (NHS), is the main provider of healthcare in Aberdeen. While most expats in Aberdeen choose public healthcare, those who can afford it make use of the private sector.

To receive treatment under the national system, an expat would need to see a general practitioner (GP) and ask to be registered as an NHS patient. This is free of charge and the NHS Helpline can help new arrivals with finding a GP, which is necessary to access specialists in the public sector.

The downside of public healthcare in Aberdeen is that patients often face long waiting lists to get treatment. On the other hand, waiting times at private hospitals are much shorter, but they can be extremely pricey. For this reason, expats wanting to make use of private medical treatment are advised to invest in medical insurance to cover the costs.

Below is a selection of recommended public and private hospitals in Aberdeen.

Public hospitals in Aberdeen

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Address: Foresterhill Road, Foresterhill, Aberdeen

Aberdeen Maternity Hospital

Address: Cornhill Road, Foresterhill, Aberdeen

Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital

Address: Westburn Road, Foresterhill, Aberdeen

Private hospitals in Aberdeen

BMI Albyn Hospital

Address: 21-24 Albyn Place, Aberdeen

The Aberdeen Clinic

Address: 387a North Deeside Road, Cults, Aberdeen