Accommodation in Seville

Finding accommodation in Seville is a relatively painless task. On arrival, while you get your bearings, there are plenty of economically priced hostels in the city centre or estate agencies that can provide you with short-term living quarters.

Most expats rent flats on a ten month to yearly basis. 

Seville is separated into several barrios, or neighbourhoods, and depending on your budget, and luck, you can find the perfect place. Expats are scattered all over the city, a large majority live in the centre and many opt to live with other expats or students. 

As in most cities, as you move away from the centre the price drops, or the size of the property increases. The benefit of Seville is that it’s relatively small so you can walk, or bike, from one end to the other within 30 to 40 minutes.

Popular expat areas are Barrio Santa Cruz, Los Remedios and Triana, Macarena, Porvenir and Alfalfa.

If you prefer to live away from the centre with the possibility of renting a larger three- or four-bedroom flat, or even a house with a garden, there are several small towns on the outskirts with bus and metro connections. Mairena del Aljarafe, Dos Hermanas, Montequinto, and Seville Este are between 30 and 50 minutes away from the centre. Finding a place with a metro connection would be more desirable, as at peak times the traffic can be horrendous. 

The best time to find accommodation in Seville is early September before the university starts. In August, Seville is dead and landlords are normally at the beach. You can come at any other time and normally find something.

Expect to pay a one or two month rent deposit, finanza, and sometimes you need a guarantor to sign the contract for you.

If you’re in the position to buy, then accommodation prices are low. You need between 80 percent and 90 percent of the value.

Barry Our Expat Expert

I've been living in Seville as an EFL Teacher and writer for five years. I'm currently writing a blog about life in Seville.