The healthcare system in Olso consists of both public and private services and facilities. Every citizen and resident of Norway is entitled to healthcare, and Oslo offers some of the best medical facilities in the country.

Expats who contribute to the National Insurance Scheme have access to Oslo’s public healthcare system. Most communities have a public medical clinic (helsesenter), where residents of the area can make an appointment to see a doctor. Public medical services are not entirely free but highly subsidised by the government. A patient will be expected to pay a nominal fee after each visit, but once they have reached a specific limit, they are entitled to an exemption card (frikort) and they will not have to pay any more within that calendar year. If a person chooses to go to a private practice, fees are higher and they will not be able to use an exemption card. Some people prefer to go private in order to avoid waiting times or to see specific specialists. Expats will need good health insurance coverage to access private healthcare services at reasonable costs, as prices can be quite hefty.

The number of private medical clinics in Oslo is growing. Emergency walk-in services are available as well as scheduled appointments for general practitioners and specialists. Several of these clinics have specialised departments.

Hospitals in Oslo

Aviva Helse

Address: Sognsveien 68, Sognsveien 70 A, 0855, Oslo

Oslo Akutten

Address: Rosenkrantz gate 9, 0159 Oslo

Volvat Medisinske Senter  

Address: Borgenveien 2A, 0370, Oslo