While public schools in Azerbaijan offer an adequate level of education, expats don’t usually send their children to local schools, rather choosing to enrol them in an international school or sending them to boarding school back home.

Public schools in Azerbaijan

Schooling in Azerbaijan is compulsory for children between six and 15 years old. The basic public education system is divided into three stages: primary, general secondary and full secondary. The primary language of education is Azerbaijani, with the use of Russian in schools declining in the post-Soviet era.

Azerbaijan boasts very high literacy rates and public schools in Azerbaijan are of an adequate standard. However, due to the language barrier, expats don’t usually send their children to public schools in Azerbaijan.

The school year in Azerbaijan runs from September to June.

Private schools in Azerbaijan

A number of private schools have opened in Azerbaijan since the end of the Soviet regime. These schools have mostly been established with the support of international organisations and large corporations, with some following the local curriculum, and others offering an international curriculum.

These schools are usually more expensive than public schools, but offer a more extensive range of extracurricular activities and a more personalised approach to education. 

International schools in Azerbaijan

International schools in Azerbaijan offer a very high standard of education. Expats should also expect to pay high tuition fees at these schools and should ensure that their expat relocation package caters adequately for this.

International schools in Azerbaijan don’t all follow the Azerbaijani school year, but may rather follow that of their home country. 

All international schools have their own admission requirements and parents should contact the school directly for further information. Space at international schools may be very limited so parents should plan well ahead of their arrival in Azerbaijan.