There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for settling into expat life in a new country, but here are a few helpful articles and personal stories that may help make your move a little easier.

Property in Thailand has proven popular with international investors lately. For some, Thailand seems like a great place to own a second home or to retire, thanks to its beautiful scenery, excellent beaches, and friendly locals. For others, Thai property is purchased because of its attractions as… Read more
In recent years, interest in veganism and vegetarianism has seen an incredible increase. The Economist called 2019 the ‘Year of the Vegan’ and described how sales of vegan foods in the US had risen 10 times faster than other foods. With celebrities and athletes flying the flag of a plant-based… Read more
James is an expat from Canada living in Buriram, Thailand. He teaches English in the day, and trains in the Muay Thai arena by night. James prefers the tranquillity of small-town life over the hustle and bustle of city life, and aims to explore Thailand outside of the “Western comfort bubble”.… Read more
Steve is a South African who lived abroad in Thailand teaching a class of second graders for a year. He describes his expat experience of moving to a new country as one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of his life which has forever changed the way in which he sees the world.  Read… Read more
Many foreigners who visit Thailand fall in love with the country’s great weather, beautiful beaches and friendly locals. This infatuation often leads to many foreign visitors planning a more permanent. However, anyone who has done a quick Google search on working in Thailand will know that landing… Read more
Marcia is a multidisciplinary artist, working with dance, writing, and performance art. A lot of her work examines the lived experiences of women of colour, performing the self, and performance as a form of disobedience and social transformation. She currently finds herself in Thailand working as… Read more
Mike is a 35-year-old Canadian who’s tried everything twice. Aside from his 9-to-5, he’s been a volunteer teacher, repeat film extra, jazz festival art director, public speaker, environmental activist, and author on his blog, Hobo with a Laptop. While he currently lives in Cebu, Philippines, he's… Read more
Shelly is a South African teacher who packed up her life in sunny Cape Town for an adventure in Thailand in 2016. She now lives in Ao Nang, Krabi, where she teaches at Krabi International School. When she's not out and about exploring her new seaside town, she can usually be found with her nose in… Read more
Frei has been living in Southeast Asia since 2007, and currently lives in Phuket, Thailand. She is a hospitality professional with a strong background in PR and marketing communications, and loves to write about living abroad on her blog, Frei's Days. She talks to us about adapting to the pace of… Read more
Mariposa moved from Texas to Thailand along with her husband when he was relocated. There for four years, she enjoyed her time and has maintained close ties with the friends she made in Thailand despite since moving to Germany. Read her great advice for catching public transport in Bangkok, as well… Read more
With its culture, history, language and deep-rooted love of food all readily waiting to be explored, Bangkok is a fantastic city to live in. But, it is also synonymous with culture shock and a vastly different way of life, whilst being renowned as predominantly a ‘man’s world’ for both the Read more
Berthe is a Dutch expat who moved to Thailand’s island of Phuket with her boyfriend. Having travelled to Thailand a number of times, they loved it so much they decided to move there. Berthe loves to explore Phuket, and she also runs a social group for expat women in Thailand called Chicky Net.… Read more
Rosanne Turner is an adventurer, traveller, writer, mom and TEFL teacher living in Koh Samui, Thailand. "I'm savouring the adventure! Prior to this, I lived in Hermanus, on the Cape Whale Coast of South Africa, famous for its land-based whale watching, where I was involved in the… Read more
Graham Nash identifies as a Spaniard with British blood. He left the sultry South of Spain with his Thai wife and his two young girls to move to Chiang Mai. In early 2010 he was offered a job teaching English in a small town in the Thai countryside, and he now divides his time between… Read more
Malcolm Burgess left life in the States to live out his Golden Years in a stress-free, peaceful Thai village with his wife Ciejay. He couldn't be happier in his modest environment, and gives us a glimpse into expat life in the Thai countryside. Read more about expat life in Thailand in our Expat… Read more
Learning a new language can be daunting, to say the least, but learning a new language that has absolutely no Latin or Germanic foundation – like Thai - can be, for us native English speakers, downright frustrating. I’m going to give you a primer on the language and what, in general terms, to… Read more
It’s often far too easy to fall into an expats-only social circle when you move to a new country.  But feeling like an insider rather than an outsider means befriending locals, trying new things and staying open to challenging ideas.  Braving such unfamiliar territories can be difficult, but it’s… Read more