The best places to live in Jakarta

Jakarta is a sprawling metropolis and expats moving to the city may initially be overwhelmed with the possibility of finding a home in the right area. But there are plenty of areas and suburbs in Jakarta for expats to choose from, and they’re bound to find something that suits their particular lifestyle and budget.

Generally, South and Central Jakarta are the most popular areas for expats. East, West and North Jakarta are significantly less popular among the expat population. 

Below is an overview of some of the most popular expat neighbourhoods in Jakarta.

Popular expats neighbourhoods in Jakarta


Kuningan is a residential area of Jakarta that forms part of the Central Business District, making it convenient for those working in the area. Its proximity to a number of embassies and international schools makes Kuningan particularly popular among expats. 

Housing in Kuningan ranges from modern apartment blocks to older spacious housing developments along tree-lined streets. There are also plenty of restaurants and hotels in the area and many nearby shopping malls, including the Ambassador Shopping Mall, Pacific Plaza, Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia. 


Situated between South and Central Jakarta, Senayan is a popular neighbourhood in Jakarta, especially with young couples. Housing is mostly in the form of modern apartment blocks. There are plenty of shopping and dining options and a great nightlife to be enjoyed.

Permata Hijau

Permata Hijau is a neighbourhood in South Jakarta. This area is full of apartment options. It’s a popular neighbourhood for expat families with children due to its convenient transport links to Jakarta's international schools and shopping malls. There are plenty of green spaces for families to enjoy a walk and access to sporting facilities for active expats. However, a downside to Permata Hijau is that it can get very congested on weekdays.

Pondok Indah 

Pondok Indah is an upmarket neighbourhood of Jakarta that is popular with expat families due to its spacious living options and proximity to several good international schools. Large family homes sit along tree-lined streets. Commute times to the city's commercial areas can be long, but there are plenty of entertainment opportunities to keep the family busy, with shopping malls, a water park and golf course nearby.


Another popular area for expat families, Kemang is close to several international schools and offers a range of housing options from large family homes and villas to apartments. Kemang has wonderful entertainment options from restaurants to bars, and much of Jakarta’s art scene can be found here. A downside to Kemang, however, is the fact that the suburb suffers from heavy traffic congestion, which can be a source of frustration for many residents.