The education system in Fiji is comprised of public schooling and private schooling. The standard of public schools in Fiji varies quite dramatically. While expat students are eligible to enrol, most expat parents don't go for this option because of language and cultural barriers.

Expats in Fiji tend to send their children to a private school, with the majority opting for international schools. There are only a few international schools throughout Fiji, with two in Suva and one in Nadi.

Public schools in Fiji

Public schools in Fiji are open to expat enrolment, with schooling being free from ages six to 16. Funding from the cash-strapped Fijian government is often inadequate, though, and the resulting quality of government schools is mixed. Due to the erratic educational standards, most expat families bypass public schooling in favour of private schools.

Private and international schools in Fiji

Though there are just a handful of international schools in Fiji, expats often prefer this option if their children are able to gain admission. High demand for places can make it difficult to secure a spot in an international school, so if expat families wish to take this route, it's best to apply as early as possible. 

Fees for international schools are expensive by Fijian standards, and only wealthy Fijian nationals can afford them. Expats intending for their child to attend an international school should negotiate to make provision for school fees as part of an expat salary package, if the opportunity exists to do so.

Special-needs education in Fiji

Parents with children who have learning difficulties or special needs can rest assured that they will be well taken care of in Fiji. According to Fiji's constitution, every person has the right to early childhood education, primary and secondary education and further education regardless of ability, and all children should be given the opportunity to learn together wherever possible, regardless of difficulties, disabilities or differences. Disabled or differently-abled children will therefore be accommodated in mainstream classrooms as far as possible, and in cases where disabilities are too severe, children will be placed in specialised facilities to cater specifically to their needs.

Tutoring in Fiji

Tutors are a great tool for children arriving in an unfamiliar environment and adjusting to a new curriculum. It's also a good idea if children struggle in certain subject areas such as maths or science, or for university entrance exams, for instance. Good tutoring companies that parents could try is Papas Tutoring House or the Sunshine Tuition Centre.