Tampa is home to a relatively diverse and robust economy and newcomers to the Cigar City will find ample opportunities for professional growth.

With the Tampa Bay Area being home to three seaports, trade has historically had a huge part to play in the city’s economy. The Port of Tampa is one of the largest cargo ports in the US and is also a major cruise port. This sector, in particular, contributes USD 15 billion a year to the local economy by employing over 100,000 Tampa residents. 

The job market in Tampa 

Prospective residents with skills and experience in areas such as avionics, business and information systems, finance, manufacturing and tourism will discover plenty of job opportunities in Tampa. Salaries in the city are a little lower than the national averages so those looking for lucrative employment packages may struggle here. 

Entrepreneurs wanting to start a business in Tampa will find that government incentives from the state of Florida make this quite viable. The city is also home to a fairly educated workforce with over a quarter of Tampa’s population having a college degree. 

Finding a job in Tampa

Potential new residents to Tampa can begin their job search online before arriving in the city. Online job portals are a great place to start and will give new arrivals an accurate idea of what jobs are available and which industries are hiring. Those who are not having luck searching online should consider approaching local recruitment agencies in Tampa, as these professionals will have all the knowledge of local businesses, who's hiring and maybe even specific information regarding company culture. 

Those who plan to find a job once already in the city can also look in local newspapers. Networking is also always a good way for new residents to expand their contacts and get a foot in the door with prospective companies. 

Work culture in Tampa

Being a Sunshine State city, the pace of life in Tampa is quite laid-back compared to major US economic hubs such as Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC. Those that hold senior positions within a major corporation may still be required to work long hours and may be under pressure to reach certain targets but, on the whole, workplace success isn’t the sole focus of work culture in Tampa.

New arrivals will generally find that the work environment in Tampa is somewhat less competitive than elsewhere in the US. Many companies offer their staff wellness programmes and encourage employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Employers make a concrete effort to ensure people are happy at work as this also serves the company well in terms of employee loyalty and staff retention. 

While it does depend on the individual company as well as the industry in question, flexible working hours and the option to work remotely are quite commonplace in Tampa.